Diagnosis And Treatment For Back Pain

Diagnosis and treatment for back pain is a highly contested topic.  Patients end up getting a lot of different opinions from health care professionals on how to treat back pain, which can be very confusing.  When rest, muscle relaxants or strengthening exercises no longer relieve pain, patients need to seek alternative, non-invasive treatments first. This is, and has always been the safest course of treatment.

Unfortunately, many primary care physicians are not specifically trained to treat back and neck conditions.  Routinely pain meds or pain injections are prescribed for the patient.  When this fails to provide relief, an MRI or a trip to the orthopedic surgeon comes next. This standard of care leaves many patients feeling frustrated that better, less invasive options are not presented.

A fascinating article in the Toronto Star, a Canadian news agency, noted the frustration of one of their renowned orthopedic surgeons, regarding the patients he was seeing.

Dr. Rampersaud, recalls apologizing to up to 90 per cent of patients referred to him by family doctors for consultations.

“There is really nothing I, as a surgeon can do for you,” he recalls telling patient after patient.


Since he felt that the system was failing patients, he started a 6 year pilot project using clinics that offered only non-invasive treatment options to the patient first.  This model has been so successful, that other provinces in Canada are adopting the same model.

Regenerative Medicine For Back Pain

At Ultimate Medical Group, our staff is specifically trained in bio-mechanics, or how the spine works as a whole in relation to everything else in your body.  We take full spine x-rays, analyze your movements to locate the source of your instability, and often recommend advanced chiropractic care and physical therapy first.

If these methods fail to address the problem, then PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) or Stem Cell Therapy may be the appropriate, non-surgical alternative.

Safe and effective for many people with chronic back pain, these regenerative medicine therapies promote healing of discs, facet joints and SI joints in the neck and spine.

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Regenerative medicine therapies may prevent surgery by using your body’s own healing powers. About 90% of patients are non-surgical candidates in developed countries which have socialized medicine.

Statistics like these are unavailable in the United States because our health care is based on a for profit model.  Surgery, however, has many associated risk factors, which regenerative medicine therapies do not.

To find out if you’re a candidate, schedule a free consultation with our staff. Call (630) 778-9047 to speak with our back pain specialists.