Is Donor Stem Cell Therapy Effective?

If you’ve recently seen a lot of T.V. Ad’s, or attended an educational seminar offered by various Stem Cell Institutes in America, than you may be wondering how effective these treatments are.

These companies use donor amniotic stem cell injections, in clinics generally not dedicated to stem cell therapy, (such as walk-in clinics, chiropractic clinics or satellite clinics).

While we have many questions about the effectiveness of amniotic stem cell injections, our focus here is to educate patients on the importance of stem cell count and viability using your own adult stem cells to optimize the probability of a successful treatment.

For Stem Cell Therapy to be optimally successful, the stem cells must be alive, numerous, remain functional, and reproduce in large enough quantities to heal an injured area.

We’ve recently gotten a lot of sales calls from various companies that sell amniotic stem cell injections.  The sales reps had some pretty fancy literature, so we were very interested in gathering information on these products.  Why not?  After all, we’re always open to new ideas and technology.

Amniotic fluid is what surrounds the baby in the womb.  Many scientists are investigating the potential of amniotic stem cells taken from the fluid surrounding the fetus in the first trimester.  The stem cells are isolated from the fluid removed during an amniocentesis, with the mother’s consent.  This highly potent fluid is used in stem cell research facilities to further investigate their potential.

The potential of this research should not be confused with cord blood or amniotic fluid taken after birth.  This is what most of companies are selling and it does not have the same properties as fluid in the first trimester.

The cord blood fluid is processed, frozen, and shipped out to buyers across the country.  The end user, (frequently a nurse practitioner) than thaws out the product and injects it into your joints.

No Chance Of Donor Stem Cell Rejection

We’ve also seen claims that there is “no chance of rejection”.

This seems highly unlikely as there is always a chance of rejection when a foreign cell, substance, or organ is introduced into your body.

“When adult stem cells are provided from a donor, precautions must be taken to avoid rejection by the patient’s immune system. Unless the patient is his or her own donor, or unless a donor is found with an identical tissue type, the patient will need to take powerful drugs to suppress the immune system so the transplanted cells or tissues won’t be rejected.”  Source

More Equals More

The more numerous, the more viable (meaning how many stem cells are alive), and the lesser chance of rejection by the body, all contributes to a higher probability of Stem Cell Therapy success.

The literature on stem cell count that we received from various sales reps on Amniotic Stem Cell injections referenced sample count and viability taken before freezing.  We decided to investigate the finished product count and viability using technology in our closed-system lab.

All reps were informed that this is what we wanted to do. Some reps sold us product, others we never heard from again.

Results of Amniotic Stem Cell Injections Vs Using Your Own Adult Stem Cells (Per CC)

Amniotic Stem Cell Injection

Cell Count – 2-3 million

Viability – 10%

Final Live Count – 200,000 – 300,000

Rejection Possibility – Always Possible

“Unless the patient is his or her own donor, or unless a donor is found with an identical tissue type, the patient will need to take powerful drugs to suppress the immune system so the transplanted cells or tissues won’t be rejected.”

Your Own Adult Stem Cells

Cell Count – 35-55 million

Viability – 93% – 99.8%

Final Live Count – 32.44 million – 54.89 million

Rejection – Not Applicable

Ultimate Medical Group is an integrated practice that provides regenerative medicine procedures, physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Regenerative medicine procedures are performed in a separate, dedicated facility.

We have a closed-system sterile lab, a sterile procedure room, recovery area, and a highly trained, experienced staff.

Ultimate Medical Group guarantees individualized Stem Cell Therapy treatment that meets the highest standards of care.

It is important for each patient to do his or her own research on companies providing stem cell therapy procedures.

All statements and opinions provided by this website are provided for informational purposes only.  It is important for anyone interested in stem cell treatments and therapies to do his or her own research, discuss such options with their treating physician, and make his or her own informed decision regarding stem cell treatment and therapy options.