Foot Pain

If you have foot pain, you know that it can be excruciating and hamper your lifestyle in everything you do.  There is no way to walk from A to B without pain.  The good news is that 90% of foot pain, such as bunions and plantar fasciitis, respond well to conservative treatment (non-surgical and drug-free treatment).


Your feet are your “base” and in order for your structure to be stable, you need a stable base.  Often times physicians focus solely on the foot, instead of focusing on the whole body and how your foot ultimately reacts negatively to the pressure your body is putting on it.

Custom orthotics, chiropractic adjustments of the back and foot, physical therapy of the foot and/or regenerative medicine procedures can have a positive effect on relieving foot pain.

Foot pain can have many causes and it is always advised to have a through investigation of your overall health.