Hip & Pelvis Pain

The most common cause of hip pain is osteoarthritis.  That’s one way of saying that as you age, the wear and tear eventually wears out the socket on that joint.

There are causes other than osteoarthritis that should not be ignored.

  • Tendonitis or bursitis – an inflammation of the tendons around the hip joint
  • Fracture of the hip
  • A hernia, which is causes by a combination of muscle weakness and strain
  • Back issues – stress on the spine can either radiate into the hip or cause undo pressure resulting in one of the symptoms listed above.


Ultimately hip pain is, in most cases, a non-specific issues which requires the health-care professional to find the underlying cause from the many potential injuries or illnesses.

Once properly diagnosed, hip pain or pelvis pain is best resolved prior to the deterioration getting too severe.

At Ultimate Medical Group, many cases of hip pain can be resolved with regenerative medicine procedures, physical therapy, chiropractic care or a combination of the aforementioned.  It is always recommended to exhaust non-invasive procedures prior to surgery, especially for younger individuals.

Hip replacement surgery is a frequently used option, but it’s important to remember that they have a limited life span, and failed hips must be removed and replaced in a complex revision surgery. This operation is often less successful than the original hip replacement.

Prior to hip replacement surgery, it’s highly recommended that all other options are exhausted and that you act in a timely manner before damage and pain escalate.