Is Prolotherapy a Cure for Knee Pain?

The largest single joint in the body is the knee.  When you have knee pain it usually causes compensation in your gait, or stride. When you compensate, eventually one bad knee becomes two bad knees and so on.

A joint is the area where two or more bones meet.  Most are joints mobile, like your knee.  Among other things, joints require strong tendons and ligaments to give the joint support and control movement of the joint. When there is damage to tendons and ligaments and they become weakened, the joint becomes unstable.

Prolotherapy is a non-invasive therapy that has a unique ability to address the cause of the instability in the knee by producing new fibrous tissue and strengthening the weakened, damaged tendons and ligaments.

Dating back 60-80 years, prolotherapy is an injection therapy using primarily a glucose substance.  It’s considered a non-invasive knee pain treatment because it neither adds, or takes away anything from the body.

A Prolotherapy injection into a damaged knee tendon or ligament, causes a mild irritant to the body. This irritant creates an increased inflammatory response in the body.

An increased inflammatory response is believed to increase collagen formation, protein synthesis and and increased cell proliferation.

Prolotherapy is also believed to increase the infiltration of white blood cells and macrophages (debris removers) as well as increase  platelet derived growth factors and interleukin, or chemical building blocks.

This process is thought to help improve a ligaments strength, mass, thickness and a trend toward an increase in cell number, glycosaminoglycan (protien), and water content.

Prolotherapy for knee injuries in athletes and various degenerative conditions of the knee, such as osteoarthritis, has become increasingly popular.

The type of injury and the degree of deterioration needs to be evaluated to see if Prolotherapy is the most promising therapy for your knee pain.

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Patient Results for Prolotherapy Knee Pain Treatment

As with any treatment for pain, responses to therapy vary.

Successful Prolotherapy treatment involves a gradual decrease in pain over several weeks.  Prolotherapy often requires multiple sessions to have a maximum effect.  The number of injections and appointments varies from patient to patient.

While many patients have a reduction in pain, there are no guarantees that the procedure will be effective for everyone.

Since Prolotherapy addresses tendons and ligaments that support the joint, and not the actual joint itself, Prolotherapy for knee pain can be used in conjunction with other regenerative therapies such as PRP or Stem Cell Therapy.