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Our goal at Ultimate Medical Group is to educate, counsel, and offer patients options, so that they can make an informed decision about their healthcare.

We want you to feel confident in your choices, confident about our abilities and comfortable in our environment.  Since each patient has vastly different needs, we encourage you to schedule a consultation.

Regenerative Medicine             

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
  • Prolotherapy

A consultation enables our physicians to assess your condition and answer your questions. Treatment options are discussed during the consultation, including pricing, so that you may make an informed decision. Call us directly at (630) 778-9047.


About Our Clinic

Our Commitment to Modern Medicine – And You!

We are committed to the enhanced health and well being of our patients by using the newest technology, innovative techniques and an integrated team of medical professionals renowned in their field, to meet your healthcare needs.

We seek to reverse the damage your body has sustained instead of just minimizing the damage.  This is a paradigm shift in medicine and one that is ultimately safer and more effective, with better long-term results.

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*Regenerative medicine procedures are not covered by insurance.  “Covered” costs are estimated based on services that some insurance companies may cover.  We can not guarantee any coverage by your insurance policy.

We offer financing options. 


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We offer monthly seminars to help educate you on Stem Cell Therapy, PRP Therapy and Prolotherapy.

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Stem Cell Therapy FAQ'S

Ultimate Medical Group offers financing options for Regenerative Medicine Procedures, which includes Stem Cell Therapy.

Please call us to inquire about financing options or visit this link to see if you qualify for financing.

It takes several weeks for the biologic effects of stem cell therapy to be realized.  Don’t forget, this is not a drug, but your own stem cells working to repair damage.  Improvement may be noticeable at approximately 4 weeks and continues for up to six months after the treatment.

When you’re talking cells, numbers really do count!

Companies selling donor stem cells base their literature on random product samples prior to freezing.  There is no way of knowing what the stem cell count and viability is of the product you’re getting injected, unless a count and viability evaluation is done prior to your procedure.

Doing our own testing for stem cell count and viability on donor cell injections, we have documented that they have a very low stem cell count (averaging in the thousands),  and an even lower viability rate, (meaning most of those cells have already died).  This drastically reduces any chance of a successful outcome.

Using your own adult stem cells, (regardless of age) our count is in the millions with an average 95% viability rate, (meaning 95% on average are alive).

It’s not thousands of primarily dead donor cells that can promote self-healing, but millions of your own living cells that have the greatest potential for a successful outcome.

Stem Cell Therapy has little to no recovery time.  Patients should return to normal daily activities immediately following treatment.

The time it takes for the patient to experience pain-relief  is dependent on the degree of damage and each individual case. Using your own stem cells to facilitate healing takes time.  Many patients begin to experience pain relief from 4 to 8 weeks following their procedure.

Patients follow a post-procedure protocol, which has been designed by our integrated team of medical professionals, to allow the stem cells to do their work in an optimum environment.  This encourages a high treatment success rate.

All medical procedures carry some risk factor, but risk factors are generally no higher than taking blood. Because we use your own stem cells, there is no risk of rejection.

All procedures are completed the same day. We have a sterile procedure room and an on-site closed system sterile lab for processing.

Our physicians are extremely experienced and always use needle guidance to ensure accuracy and safety.

Stem Cell Therapy procedures are not covered by your insurance.  Some policies may cover portions of the treatment, such as needle guidance.

At Ultimate Medical Group there are no “hidden” costs.

When we include everything our doctors feel is in the best interest of the patient and their condition.

Many clinics break down pricing, which can be confusing, so the total cost is not always apparent.

Please contact us for current pricing.

While research continues, many conditions treated with stem cells have shown exceedingly successful outcomes. We suggest a consultation with our physicians to help you decide if this is the best course of treatment for you.

Not all conditions require Stem Cell therapy.  Some conditions may require surgery, while many other conditions will benefit from PRP Therapy, Prolotherapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care or a combination of therapies.

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