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Helping Patients Preserve Their Natural Joints

If you want to avoid surgery and a long, painful rehabilitation process, adult stem cell therapy may be the solution you’re looking for.

Stem cell based regenerative medicine aims to reverse the damage your body has sustained and promote regrowth of damaged tissue.  

It is a “game-changer”, that has the potential to heal damaged joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone, naturally.

Left untreated, joint deterioration is usually a progressive degenerative disease.  That means it does not get better on its own and the joint cartilage will gradually wear away. Damaged joints cause restricted, or altered movement, which often leads to other problems such as weight gain, digestive problems or foot problems.

Using stem cell therapy before the damage becomes too extensive, can have a significant effect on maintaining your natural joints and may help avoid various surgeries such as; rotator cuff surgery, knee replacement surgery or hip replacement surgery.

Stem Cell Procedure at Ultimate Medical Group

We process your adult stem cells using the newest, state-of-the-art equipment and strictest standards.  

The greater the number of viable stem cells, the greater the capacity for cellular restoration and tissue repair.

Adult stem cells are harvested from the patient’s own bone marrow, which has minimal discomfort and is performed while the patient is awake.  Location of the stem cell harvest is dependent on the individual patient and their condition.

Using your own cells eliminates the risk of rejection.

While the patient comfortably waits, we utilize our dedicated on-site sterile lab for your stem cell processing.

In order to achieve the highest stem cell counts possible, we use multiple activation methods to isolate the highest number of stem cells. Many stem cell clinics use a single activation method, while others neglect this step altogether.

We include PRP treatment in our stem cell procedure, to further facilitate the stem cells in “doing their job”.

Using an ultrasound or fluoroscopy guided image, we precisely inject the high concentration of cells into the injured area.

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Have A Significant Effect On Patient Outcomes

Though great progress has been made in medicine, there are few effective ways to treat the root causes of injuries.

In many cases, clinicians can only manage patients’ symptoms using medications, devices or surgery.  Each of these treatment options carry their own set of risks.  None of these treatment options restore tissue, with most of them actually causing further tissue damage.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy is a non-surgical procedure, that offers patients an alternative to the standard course of treatment.  Early identification, and using a high concentration of your own stem cells to facilitate your body’s own healing process, can have a significant effect on patient outcomes.

How Do Stem Cells Work?

We all have stem cells, from birth to death.  Stem cells are essentially our body’s repair system. Stem cells allow our bodies to build new tissue, such as new muscle when we exercise, or replace skin damaged by cuts and burns.

Stem cells, by definition, have the ability to divide and create an identical copy of themselves, a process called self-renewal, and can also divide to form cells that make up every type of tissue and organ in the body.

Stem cells continually replace the many specialized cells in our body if they are worn out or damaged.  A specific class of adult, or tissue-specific stem cells, are called Mesenchymal stem cells.  They are adult stem cells that form fat cells, cartilage, bone, tendon, ligaments, muscle cells, skin cells and even nerve cells.

The ultimate goal of Orthopedic Adult Stem Cell Therapy, is for the Mesenchymal stem cells to take up residence in their proper places in the body, divide repeatedly and form functioning tissues—or repair diseased tissue.  

With Your Success In Mind!

A critical component of our success with stem cell procedures is following up with specialized therapy, specific to the area of injury.

Your stem cells need an optimum environment to do their job.  Your injury was likely a result of a structural imbalance, long-term repetitive use or, less frequently, an acute injury.

In order to “activate” the stem cells, our entire team has developed highly effective post-procedure protocols to facilitate the healing process.

Physical therapy is recommended following your procedure.  If your injury was a result of a structural imbalance, it’s important to correct the problem, allowing the stem cells to work as efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Stem Cell Therapy Questions:

It takes several weeks for the biologic effects of stem cell therapy to be realized.  Don’t forget, this is not a drug, but your own stem cells working to repair damage.  Typically improvement is noticeable at approximately 4 weeks and continues for up to six months or longer after the treatment.

When you’re talking cells, numbers really do count!

Companies selling donor stem cells base their literature on random product samples prior to freezing.  There is no way of knowing what the stem cell count and viability is of the product you’re getting injected, unless a count and viability evaluation is done prior to your procedure.

Doing our own testing for stem cell count and viability on donor cell injections, we have documented that they have a very low stem cell count (averaging in the thousands),  and an even lower viability rate, (meaning most of those cells have already died).  This drastically reduces any chance of a successful outcome.

Using your own adult stem cells, (regardless of age) our count is in the millions with an average 95% viability rate, (meaning 95% on average are alive).

It’s not thousands of primarily dead donor cells that can promote self-healing, but millions of your own living cells that have the greatest potential for a successful outcome.

Stem Cell Therapy has little to no recovery time.  Patients should return to normal daily activities immediately following treatment.

The time it takes for the patient to experience pain-relief  is dependent on the degree of damage and each individual case. Using your own stem cells to facilitate healing takes time.  Many patients begin to experience pain relief from 4 to 8 weeks following their procedure.

Light exercise is encouraged immediately following your procedure, though patients should avoid repetitive, loading bearing exercise, such as weight lifting or running.

Patients follow a post-procedure protocol, which has been designed by our integrated team of medical professionals, to allow the stem cells to do their work in an optimum environment.  This encourages a high treatment success rate.

Yes.  Our clinic follows IRB (Institutional Review Board) protocols. Processing kits are numbered and strict guidelines are adhered to, to ensure the best possible outcome.

All medical procedures have risk factors.  We take great care in minimizing any risk to the patient.

Regenerative medicine applications are non-invasive, meaning nothing is added or taken away from your body.  Because we only use your own stem cells, risk factors are minimized.

All of our procedures are same day procedures and are performed on-site in our clinic and processed in our sterile lab.  We use the latest state-of-the- art processing equipment and visual guidance equipment, such as C-arm Fluoroscopy or ultra-sound guidance.

Stem Cell Therapy procedures are not covered by your insurance.  Though your policy may cover some costs, such as ultrasound guidance, the actual stem cell procedure is an out-of-pocket expense.

At Ultimate Medical Group there are no “hidden” costs.  Our stem cell procedure is one price, depending on the area of treatment. Our procedure includes Platelet-rich Plasma treatment, and all diagnostics and needle guidance, as necessitated by the area of treatment. Many clinics break down pricing, which can be confusing, so the total cost is not always apparent.

Please contact us for current pricing

Financing Available

While research continues, many conditions treated with stem cells have shown exceedingly successful outcomes.  We suggest a consultation with our physicians to help you decide if this is the best course of treatment for you.  Not all conditions require stem cell therapy.  Conditions with extensive damage may require surgery, while many other conditions will benefit from PRP therapy, prolotherapy, physical therapy, or a combination of therapies.

Stem cell therapy may be beneficial in facilitating healing in post-surgical cases as well.

The procedure has minimal discomfort, such as the prick of a needle, and little to no recovery time.  Normal activity, with an emphasis on physical therapy of the injured area, is encouraged following the procedure, to optimize a successful outcome.

Not all patients are viable candidates for this therapy.  Some conditions may preclude a patient from this treatment.  Patients are encouraged to examine all options regarding their healthcare needs so that they may make an informed decision that’s right for them.

Stem cells have theoretically endless possibilities.  At Ultimate Medical Group our primary focus is using stem cell therapy in orthopedic applications, such as knees, degenerative discs, rotator cuffs or hips, cosmetic procedures, and hair restoration.  Conditions We Treat

Please call or request a New Patient Consultation to determine if stem cell therapy is the best course of treatment for your condition.

Highly Experienced Team Of Physicians

Minimal To No Downtime

Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Harvesting

On-Site Closed System Sterile Lab

Post-Treatment Therapy

Stem Cell Count And Viability Technology

Ultrasound Or Fluoroscopy Guided Injections

We supply our patients detailed pre and post-procedure guidelines specific to their condition.  Following your procedure, you should expect to do physical therapy of the treated area.  This optimizes the healing process.  If you are traveling from out of town, we will supply you with your post-procedure guidelines that should be followed by your local physical therapist.  We make ourselves available for any questions they might have.

Regenerative medicine has the potential to fully heal damaged tissues, offering solutions and hope for people who are looking for a non-surgical or non-medicated approach to recovery.

Our goal is to educate, counsel, and inform patients so that they can make an informed decision about whether stem cell treatment is right for them. Not all conditions, and not all patients will respond to stem cell therapy. Please schedule a consultation for more information.

Each patient is unique and our clinic is uniquely equipped to provide a network of professionals, renowned in their fields, to develop a specialized course of treatment designed for you.  

All statements and opinions provided by this website are provided for informational purposes only.  It is important for anyone interested in stem cell treatments and therapies to do his or her own research, discuss such options with their treating physician, and make his or her own informed decision regarding stem cell treatment and therapy options.

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