Shock Wave


The shock wave unit that we use at Ultimate Medical Group is manufactured in Switzerland by Storz Medical. This premier unit is used extensively in Europe in the orthopedic world. This technology of generating shock waves to break up kidney stones has been used for years and is approved by the FDA.


The mechanism by how it works is that the unit uses the natural repair mechanisms of the human body. The stimulus produced by the shock wave is transformed into chemical-cellular-biological activity, a process known as “mechanotransduction”. This helps to repair and restore normal function to the cells.

The shock wave unit has several different parts that work together to generate the shock waves. The onboard computer controls an air compressor that is attached to a wand. Inside the wand is a metal projectile (like a little bullet) that travels back and forth with a frequency and intensity based on the condition being treated. When the bullet-like projectile makes contact with the transmitter tip it produces the energy that penetrates into your tissues. Every time the bullet hits the transmitter this process is called a “Pulse”.  The various transmitters control the depth of the shock waves and enable different structures to be treated. Read our blog about stem wave therapy vs shockwave therapy. 



Stimulates the healing process by transmitting energy thru the tissue to Increase metabolization at the cellular level which stimulates mitochondria and the release of ATP (cellular energy)

  1. Rapidly increases blood flow to the injured area by enhanced expression of growth factors and nitric oxide.
  2. Creates new blood supply to the injured area on the body (neovascularization)
  3. Produces growth of existing blood supply (angiogenesis)
  4. Reduces pain in the body (reduces Substance P which causes pain)
  5. Regenerates muscle tissue and nerve tissue (by enhanced expression of proliferating cell nuclear antigen, recruitment/activation of stem cells)
  6. Drastically reduces inflammation (anti-inflammatory)
  7. Improves wound healing

To learn more about how Shock Wave Therapy/EMTT Therapy at Ultimate Medical Group can help you with pain management, please call us today for a consultation at (630) 778-9047.

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