Stem Wave Therapy vs Shock Wave Therapy

stem wave therapy vs shockwave therapy   We’ve been receiving a lot of calls from patients asking about StemWave™ Therapy and asking if it’s the same as Shock Wave Therapy. The answer is simple.  Yes, (and no)!   StemWave™ Therapy is a shock wave machine that was purchased by a healthcare marketing company in 2022, who then trademarked the name. We can’t argue that it’s not a catchy name!  I’ve always thought Shock Wave wasn’t a consumer-friendly name. But shock wave is actually a more accurate definition. Shock Wave therapy is a non-invasive alternative to many surgical or steroid-related procedures that involves the delivery of shock waves to musculoskeletal areas of the body. The goal of this treatment is reducing pain and promoting healing of the affected soft tissue by increasing blood circulation, enhancing metabolic activity and (here it is), stimulating celluar activity, leading to the onset of the healing process. So yes, StemWave™ and shock wave therapies are the same because StemWave™ is a trademarked name on a shock wave machine. Why did we say yes and no?  No ,because all of these machines have different levels of effectiveness based on the quality of the equipment and its ability to adjust to individual patient conditions. There are also two types of shock wave machines, radial and focused.  Some conditions require one or the other, and even sometimes both in conjunction to achieve the most positive patient outcomes. The education and experience of the operator matters a lot as well.  Training and experience, and more training and experience helps get the results you’re looking for. At Ultimate Medical Group all of our equipment is manufactured by Storz Medical, from Switzerland.  Storz, started in 1987, is a leading innovator and researcher on shock wave therapy. Used extensively in Europe by scores of orthopedic surgeons, there is still ongoing research for additional effective applications for this technology. After trying to find anything we could about StemWave™ online, it was unclear if this device is radial or focused shockwave (one device cannot be both).  With some conditions you will never achieve the results you’re looking for with radial shockwave and not focused shock wave, or vice versa. Many new companies cite research and statistical results based on outcomes from other devices, not their own.  This leads people to believe that the same results can be achieved with their equipment.  That is, most often, not the case and can be misleading. Using outcome statistics from other devices or manufacturers is like comparing apples to oranges, not apples to apples. Click on the link for our videos that detail the difference between Storz Medical radial and focused shock wave technologies. or visit our shockwave therapy page to learn more. So, as you navigate the internet for non-drug or non-surgical alternatives for your condition, take the time to find the right clinic for your condition. Call us today for an assessment at (630) 778-9047.
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