Anti-Inflammatories For Joint Pain

There are a variety of anti-inflammatories for joint pain, such as Advil or cortisone shots, that are used all too frequently. When you start taking them daily, they can have serious side effects and do nothing to address the underlying cause of the pain.  In some recent studies, cortisone shots have been shown to impede the healing process.  In other words, is reducing soreness now worth an increased risk of delayed healing and possible relapse within the year?

Imagine you’re standing on a tack.  The Advil might take the edge off, but you’re only suppressing the pain, not taking care of the underlying cause of the pain.  In other words, you’re not taking the tack out.

stem-cell-therapy-joint-pain-reliefIf there’s smoke in your house, you look for the “Why”.  That is just common sense.  Taking anti-inflammatories is just like taking the battery out of the smoke detector and ignoring what’s causing the problem in the first place.

Using an emerging 21st-century paradigm of regenerative medicine, we seek to treat the cause of pain, not only the symptoms.

Using your own body’s ability to heal itself, we promote joint repair by using regenerative techniques such as Stem Cell Therapy, PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or Prolotheray.  These techniques are remarkable, in that many patients experience a huge reduction or elimination of pain altogether, without using anti-inflammatories for joint pain relief and avoiding joint replacement surgery.

We’ve all done it – ignored the pain, hoping it will just go away.  But there comes a point where you realize that’s not the solution and you need to make a decision.  These regenerative medicine therapies (called that because they have the potential to “regenerate” injured tendons, ligaments, bones and cartilage), maybe the solution you’re looking for.

Some people think that as you age you have fewer stem cells.  Perhaps?  But using our stem cell count and viability technology, we have had patients on Medicare with higher counts than younger patients!  So don’t think, just because of your age, that Stem Cell Therapy won’t work for you.

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