C-Arm Fluoroscopy Guided Imaging

Why do we use C-Arm guidance when we do our procedures?

c-rmuseA C-arm is a term used for an x-ray machine that’s shaped like a “C”.  The C-arm enables our physicians to guide a needle to the specific area of damage while watching that needle on a live x-ray screen. A C-arm fluoroscopy is utilized most often in surgical environments, but is an invaluable tool when performing any type of procedure into the spine. The C-arm fluoroscopy unit limits radiation exposure to patients, x-ray technicians and physicians while ensuring the procedure is accurate and safe.

For many of our procedures we use ultrasound-guided technology. It is safe and extremely accurate, with the ability to pinpoint the exact area of injury. The more precise the injection, the more effective the treatment is.

However, all injections into the spine are preformed using a C-arm Fluoroscopy machine. Its use allows for more efficient, real-time medical imaging with greater imaging accuracy when compared to traditional x-ray devices, ultrasound-guided technology or not using any imaging device whatsoever.

Our staff Spine Specialist, Dr. Nick Angelopoulos, has over 25 years of experience performing C-arm guided injections.

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