Maintaining Conditioning During Rehab

The first key to success in maintaining conditioning during rehab is to shorten the downtime.   The longer the healing process takes, the more de-conditioned your body becomes.  Using the least invasive techniques available, affords you an opportunity for a speedier recovery.

They say that running a marathon is just the reward for months of successful conditioning.

Anyone who has sustained an injury knows that the hardest part is the often long, arduous reconditioning process.  It can be a painful journey without the reward of a successful outcome; regaining full mobility.   Proper reconditioning is all too often a trial and error process.  If you’re rehabilitating a knee and it swells up, then you have to take it down a notch and start again.

Treatments such as stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, chiropractic care and physical therapy have the potential to fully heal injuries while still maintaining a level of conditioning.  These treatments have little to no downtime in daily activities, allowing the patient to resume a modest level of activity immediately following treatment.  In fact movement is required to facilitate the healing process.

A cornerstone of our treatment plan is utilizing whole body vibration during the rehab process.  Whole body vibration activates the muscle tissue in a fraction of the time, becoming a kind of “microwave workout”.  The enables us to work various muscle groups without putting undue stress on the injured joint or ligament.  The results using whole body vibration are astonishing!

Ultimate Medical Group pioneered using whole body vibration in a clinical setting.  Thousands of patients and thousands of clinical hours has helped us develop an outstanding physical therapy program to help you regain full mobility in a fraction of the time.

All of our services are non-invasive, meaning we do not advocate medication or surgery unless it is considered a last resort.

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