PRP Injection Costs

Why Do PRP Injection Costs Vary?

If you’re investigating PRP therapy, you may have noticed differences in PRP injection costs.  Most often the injection costs vary because of the processing of the plasma, which effects the quality of the product and whether it has a high, pure, concentration of platelets.

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a process of extracting your blood and concentrating the healing platelets in your blood into a concentrated plasma.  Then that plasma is injected into the area of injury, with the intent of stimulating and accelerating healing of the injury, using your own platelets.

PRP_injection_costsThere is a wide variation in the reported protocols for standardization and preparation of PRP, in addition to lack of accurate characterization of the tested product.

Centrifugal acceleration, number of spins, time and distance between the particles and the rotor to the volume of processed WB are critical for optimization of PRP.

In other words, PRP injections are “not created equal”

Just like vitamins are not all the same, neither is PRP Therapy.

At Ultimate Medical Group we use a double activation method in our on-site sterile lab.  We follow strict procedure codes to optimize the quality of the plasma, and use needle guidance to ensure that the plasma is injected into the exact area of injury.  Our “job” is to provide our patients the highest quality plasma concentrate, inject it into the proper location and then your body do the healing.

The quality of the PRP concentrate is one of the key factors to successful therapy.  Unfortunately, since procedures for PRP have not yet been standardized, you may end up paying less for a product that is less effective or completely ineffective than a high quality product.

All statements and opinions provided by this website are provided for informational purposes only.  It is important for anyone interested in PRP therapy to do his or her own research, and make his or her own informed decision regarding treatment.

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