Stem Cell Therapy For Knees

When is Stem Cell therapy for knees a good option?

That’s a great question, and with all medical questions, there’s unfortunately not one easy answer.  The procedure of using your own stem cells to heal knee joints, has very promising results.  But, many elements factor into the equation. Here are just some examples:

  • Your age
  • The degree of damage
  • Your posture (yes, your posture!)
  • Your commitment to rehabilitation
  • Your commitment to maintaining your original knee joints

There is no age limit to having Stem Cell therapy.

We all have stem cells in our body’s and choosing stem cell therapy is more often dependent on the degree of damage, then age.

A pro-active role in maintaining your knees has the greatest likelihood of success.

knee-surgery-alternativeMost knee damage is less a result of a traumatic incident and more a result of deterioration over time.  This degeneration of the knee joint only worsens, unless something is done to reverse, or minimize, the damage.

We call this, waiting until the “wheels come off the track”.  it is usually why people require knee replacement surgery.

Though stem cell therapy can assist in post-surgery recovery, ideally it is when you notice pain and stiffness that does not improve over time, yet prior to the damage becoming too extensive, that stem cell therapy has the greatest chance of success.

Read more about how post-surgical stem cell therapy effected patient outcomes: ://

Stem Cell therapy for knees is a way of maintaining your natural joints, with the goal of eliminating the need for replacement surgery altogether. Stem Cell therapy is an option where you apply a concentrate of your body’s own stem cells to the injured area, and encourage the your cells to rebuild the joint.

Ultrasound imaging is used to assess the degree of damage and assist the physicians in determining if you are a good candidate for Stem Cell therapy for knees, or if another course of treatment is better suited to your condition.

Why does your posture matter?

Posture is the “Golden Goose”.  We know we’re supposed to have good posture, but it’s often not a matter of “being lazy”, but more a matter of a structural issue.  Left uncorrected, a structural issue can put undue stress on the knee joint. Having a structural issue that puts stress on the knee joint can have a negative impact on anything you do to try and correct a knee problem, whether it’s surgery or Stem Cell therapy.

That is why Ultimate Medical Group’s physicians collaborate on a specialized rehabilitation program, whatever course of treatment the patient chooses. We often use the analogy that if your wheels are out of alignment, your car won’t drive straight no matter what you do.

Knees are challenging to rehabilitate.

They usually take a lot of time and, if not rehabilitated properly, further issues can develop down the road.  Our clinic has had great success using patented vibration therapy to accelerate healing, without putting undue stress on the joint. While this may sound simple, years of developing protocols on thousands of patients, has allowed us to develop a program that is unequalled in the rehabilitation of knees.

Lastly, you have to ask yourself, “What is your commitment to maintaining your natural joints”.

Stem Cell therapy is currently not covered by insurance, so it is an out-of-pocket expense.  Investing in your health is ultimately a decision that can only be made by each individual patient.

All statements and opinions provided by this website are provided for informational purposes only.  It is important for anyone interested in Stem Cell therapy to do his or her own research, and make his or her own informed decision regarding treatment.

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