Should You Consider An Alternative To Meniscus Surgery? Probably Yes.

Knee arthroscopy, or meniscus surgery, is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. And yet more and more studies indicate that it’s not only ineffective, but can accelerate arthritis in the knee joint.

Possibly effective for acute sports injuries in younger adults, non-surgical treatments are a better alternative to meniscus surgery in people over 35 years old.

Older people are more likely to have degenerative meniscus tears, meaning the meniscal tissue begins to naturally deteriorate and weaken. Cartilage weakens and wears thin over time, and aged, worn tissue is more prone to tears.  While most people have some tears, not everyone experiences pain. If you are experiencing pain, call us today at (630) 778-9047 to personally speak to one of our doctors to request a free consultation.

What's The Alternative?

Surgery on any part or your “structure” is a slippery slope. By structure we mean back surgery, joint surgery, shoulder surgery etc. These surgeries are often deemed a success just because you woke up after the procedure. That’s a pretty low benchmark for success.

Whether they decrease pain on a long term basis or simply cause more pain in other parts of your body, due to compensation, is how these surgeries should be evaluated.

Interestingly we even found a quote on a surgical website that stated, “We believe ACL reconstruction surgery is successful because of the growth factors and stem cells that are released from drilling the ACL reconstruction tunnels.”

So why not start with just the growth factors and stem cells in the first place?

Meniscus surgery, or arthroscopic knee surgery, was introduced in the late 70’s.  It took 20 years, after millions of these surgeries had been completed before any randomized trials were completed.  That’s likely because there was huge money made in these surgeries, regardless of outcome levels.

The outcome of these surgeries continues to be bleak, with most being deemed ineffective at reducing pain.  It’s finally easier to find studies that show what many suspected to be true.

Studies have also shown that a high percentage of patients who have had meniscus surgery get osteoarthritis within a few years.

Consider Stem Cell Therapy as an alternative course of treatment.  Not all conditions will respond to this therapy.

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